Gold Collection


Act of perfection

A collection where stones and gold are indivisible interpreters of a timeless contemporaneity.
Lapis lazuli, carnelian, mother-of-pearl, jade, on white or pink gold.

gold collection cabochon


Harmony of form

Unusual volumes in an innovative collection inspired by the sea movement with the reinterpretation of the starfish.
Brown, white and black diamonds on pink and white gold.

gold collection atelier

gold collection atelier


Colours and emotions

The encounter between shapes and minimal volumes with pastel colors of the Fidia enamels.
A gold line with appeal diamond and high quality in a middle-price range.

gold collection portofino


Origin of design

40s inspiration and retro vocation. Tubogas is a timeless design that offers a high value product for a very large target.

gold collection tubogas

gold collection tubogas


Tradition of beauty

Inspired by the Italian goldsmith's art tradition of the 70's and 80's, Oro Manifattura is the rediscovery of a very high level of technical manifacturing reinterpreted by our goldsmith's masters.
Jerseys wrapped on each other up to meet the light and enhance its reflexes, sometimes embellished with pale white and brown diamonds.

gold collection oromanifattura

gold collection oromanifattura

expositor gold collection

made in italy
made in florence

made in fidia