about us Fidia

The Fidia Gioielli trademark was founded in Florence in 1988 when Simone Innocenti entered his father’s goldsmith workroom and combined the finest techniques of the Florentine goldsmith traditions with the insight for taste and harmony that he refined during his artistic studies. The company became a place of research where the combination between experimental sensitivity and artisan mastery is the foundation for the creation of a unique and unmistakable trademark identity.

It is the same atmosphere of the Medicean workshops, where the master is at the same time the guardian of ancient secrets of this craft. Fidia boasts masterpieces of expert goldsmiths that have contributed in creating the fame of this trademark. A Fidia jewel represents the fruit of experience of the finest goldsmith tradition linked to advanced technological processes in order to achieve the highest quality standards.

about us Fidia

Interpreter of the Florentine goldsmith tradition, Fidia is the encounter between craftsmanship, contemporaneity and highest quality standards.

A Fidia jewel accompanies the natural beauty of every woman.

Always and only for you.

about us Fidia


Sergio Innocenti was born in Florence in the Oltrarno on September 28, 1943 in the ancient district of San Frediano.
Like many of his early peoples, he joins an ancient artisan shop and begins his learning path of the techniques of the Florentine goldsmith tradition that in the years to come he deepens himself by joining the great goldsmiths of the time.
He learns and improves the techniques of the rush and the tunnel and gold inlay in color and yet young man realizes artifacts in silver and gold for those great buyers who from all over the world turned to the Florentine goldsmith shops. It is distinguished by the high precision and the ability to experience innovative technical solutions and at the beginning of the seventies begins its activity on its own.
Lovers of technical complications, its patents are deposited for new closure mechanisms for wool and bracelets, and it is her sensitivity to the transformations and expressions of our time that leads him to be the first goldsmith mixing particular knots and welds to realize the first Steel and gold jewellery.
At the end of the seventies for Sevenpassi Pharaoh made five unique pieces of gold designed by great Italian designers, including the "Great Pyramid" in gold, silver and plexiglass, exhibited at Palazzo Strozzi in 1980 for the exhibition " gold".
In the eighties, the Bulgari maison produces a collection of high-tech items made of silver, onyx and white maple wood, made of frames, teapots, coffee makers, writing utensils and ashtrays. In the nineties with its group of goldsmiths formed over the years in the lab, it produces and produces the collections for the Fidia brand of which it is the creator, creating a brand-name of synonym of the highest quality. His ideas are the Lapislazzuli and Malachite stones of the "Baroque" and "Shapes" enamels, such as the technical innovations of the large rings in the "Dewy" collection with semi-precious stones encased in gold-screws. Jewelery interpreted in 14 shots in the Seycelles Islands by the great photographer Aldo Fallai in the book "Incontri" ("Meetings") made for Fidia by Vogue Gioiello in 1995. Among his features is the desire to transfer his knowledge to his students aware of the importance of passing on The tradition of Florentine silver goldsmith school, engaging in the years so that everyone in their lab would be able to progress and complete. Even today his great experience and enthusiasm are important for those who are carrying on a story begun sixty years ago.